Industrial Investment Privileges for Medical Devices in the EEC

          The Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Development Plan proposed by the ‘Thailand 4.0’ strategy aims to revitalize and enhance the well-known Eastern Seaboard Development Program. The Thai Government has targeted five sectors which can serve as engines to accelerate Thailand’s future growth as new S-curves consisting of Automation and Robotics, Aerospace, Medical and Healthcare, Bioenergy and Biochemicals, and Digital Industries.

          Comprehensive medical and healthcare represents a new kind of industry comprising healthcare businesses and medical tourism which both have pre-existing strong foundations in Thailand. This industry will be developed by expanding businesses already engaged in the medical instruments industry, currently supported by competent electronics and communication, and by expanding the medical supplies industry with support from the agricultural and biochemical sectors. The comprehensive healthcare industry has a high growth rate of 3.2%, with a proven track record of rapid expansion in developed countries. The Thai comprehensive healthcare industry comprises the following three components:
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