Biopharmaceutical Industry

          Over the past decade, the biopharmaceutical industry has achieved an annual growth rate of around 10.8% as one of the largest healthcare markets compared with 2% for other pharmaceutical industries. Biopharmaceuticals or biological medical products can be categorized by biology source as monoclonal antibody group, vaccine group and blood and plasma groups.

          The USA and Europe have global biopharmaceutical industry market share values of 45% and 40%, respectively with huge possibilities for growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Highest global revenue is shown by monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) at 48.9% followed by recombinant proteins at 34.3%. Currently, entrepreneurs in the biopharmaceutical industry are focusing on improvements and advances in both innovation and technology; thus, future expansion is expected to be maintained. Entrepreneurs in other pharmaceutical areas are also keen to play active roles on the biopharmaceutical stage.
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