Trends in Stem Cells& Gene Therapy.


Before we proceed to the industrial analysis, two phrases require definitions: “cell therapy” and “gene therapy”.  

          Cell therapy is a medical method that uses cells to cure and regenerate damaged cells or tissues to get its own function back to normal. One of the famous methods in cell therapy is to use origin cells (also known as STEM cells) to generate a new cell in place of the damaged cell.In various cases, STEM cellsare hoped to beapplicablein orthopedic treatments, heart disease treatments, skin care, eye disease treatments, blood and circular system treatments, cancer treatments, and diabetic treatments.
          Gene therapyis another medical method which injects nucleic acid from DNA or RNA into patient cells as medicine. This method was created to cure genetic disorders2such as Severe Combined Immunodefiency Disorder (SCID), a genetic disorder that prevent the body from producing an immune system3.

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