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18th Thailand Life Sciences Business Forum
Dietary Supplements Derived from Drug Development Technologies: A Case Study from Korea


At the 18th Thailand Life Sciences Business Forum, Dr. Jaeseung Lim from PNC MetaPharm Co. Ltd. gave a special talk on dietary supplements derived from drug development technologies. He presented the aspects related to research and development process and regulatory and market opportunities.

Dr. Jaeseung introduced PNCMP (Preventive Nutrient Company for Metabolic Pharmacology), a company that provides new solutions for metabolic diseases. It is engaged in the new drug development for diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease and Osteoporosis and dietary supplements for diabetes, prostatic hyperplasia and obesity.

In his talk, Dr. Jaeseung primarily focused on the important role played by Zinc in the synthesis, storage and secretion of insulin and the action of insulin as its receptor. Epidemiological studies indicate that the prevalence of diabetes and glucose intolerance is significantly higher among subjects consuming lower dietary zinc.

PNCMP has come up with Cyclo-Z, which was found through the study of intestinal zinc absorption mechanisms. Cyclo-Z is proven to be a potent stimulator of Insulin Degrading Enzyme (IDE) synthesis. Several studies have suggested that diabetes is associated with defective IDE production and stimulation of IDE synthesis may improve blood sugar control. Phase-1 clinical trial of Cyclo-Z was successfully completed at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (VAGLAHS) without any side effects and Phase-2a clinical trial was approved for obese diabetics.

Dr. Jaeseung also presented PRO-Z, which has been clinically proven to ameliorate clinical manifestation of diabetic symptoms in the clinical trial in the USA. PRO-Z showed better efficacy and safety in the clinical trial as compared to other drugs marketed for the treatment of diabetes. The composition and activity of PRO-Z has been patented in major countries including US and Korea.

18th Thailand Life Sciences Business Forum, organized by Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS), provided a good partnering platform to Dr. Jaeseung who is specifically looking for partners in Thailand to register and sell the products of PNCMP. Around 30 participants from various pharmaceutical companies were present at the forum.

In the stimulating discussions that ensued Dr. Jaeseung’s presentation, participants displayed a keen interest in the products of PNCMP and partnering possibilities. Dr. Jaeseung hopes to follow-up these possibilities of Thai registration and looks forward to more collaboration in the future.

About further association with the Thai life sciences industry, Dr. Jaeseung said, “Many Korean Bio-Pharmas are looking for Southeast-Asian markets and Thailand is one of the favorite places to start.” He found the Thailand Life Sciences Business Forum to be a very helpful platform for finding right partners. He also assured cooperation for any Thai companies that want to find products from Korea.