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Business Matching

  • Matching Service

If you want to find partners in Thailand for your life sciences business, TCELS provides a customized matching service database. We specialize in the development and administration of matching programs to help global customers search, identify and screen potential business partners in Thailand. Our matching programs provide an efficient, fair and effective means of managing the offer-acceptance process in competitive markets.

We have implemented matching programs in a number of life sciences research projects. We also provide business matching services to industries and commercial institutions. We arrange business matching appointments for our clients to meet the prospective companies so that they can promptly start business negotiations...

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  • Find a Match

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Commercialization & Investment

For our clients who are exploring market opportunities, we assist in the commercialization of their innovations, services and knowledge in Thailand. We encourage market-driven research and assist in achieving the full potential of innovations.

We support the establishment of biosciences companies in Thailand in an attempt to add value to health biosciences. We also seek to develop the basic infrastructure to increase product value, services and investment. TCELS constantly endeavors to bring the public and private sectors together for the development of products. We encourage business investment and support newcomers with commercialization services.

At TCELS, we are constantly approached by companies who are interested in technology transfer, obtaining licenses for the establishment of factories and looking for legal advice. With our expertise and experience we are always prepared to respond to the specific requirements of our clients...

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Intellectual Property Management

At TCELS we understand stakeholder considerations pertaining to intellectual property rights protection and patents. We have a support division for consultations on these crucial issues. We also provide consultations for patent evaluations. We ensure that international standards are met and our partners get a niche advantage. Our team of legal experts has been involved in intellectual property rights protection and patent consulting services for nearly a decade now.

Products that receive patent rights through TCELS’ projects generate revenue for the center and the collaborating agencies. So far TCELS has received the patents certificate in Thailand and Singapore for skin whitening composition containing extracts derived from natural rubber latex. Process for its patenting in seven other countries (Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia and Vietnam) is underway. Pharmacogenomics programme of TCELS, which led to the discovery of the relationship between genes and allergic reaction to certain anti-viral drugs is also in the process of obtaining patent rights in...

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Pre-clinical Testing

If you are looking for pre-clinical testing to ensure the effectiveness and safety of your products before they reach consumers, TCELS is there to support you with the services of the following centers:

  • Health Products Safety Testing Center: This toxicology testing laboratory complies with the international toxicology standards for pharmacopeias and other products registered in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), such as vaccines, herbal medicines, cosmetics and household chemicals. Testing for GLP compliance helps our clients in reducing non-tariff barriers for international trade.
  • Laboratory Animal Breeding Center: This center has been set up in collaboration with Mahidol University and breeds animals that meet international testing standards. Laboratory animals from this center are supplied to Health Products Safety Testing Center. This Laboratory Animal Breeding Center also trains experts in laboratory animal science. It has now obtained the standards of the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC)...

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Clinical Research

At TCELS we are constantly striving for innovation and excellence. One of our objectives is to facilitate and advance high-quality clinical research. We provide the necessary links between Contract Research Organizations (CRO) within and outside Thailand. We also network investigators and researchers.

TCELS has initiated Multi Center Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) in most medical schools and research centers and has upgraded the Clinical Research Site to standardize and streamline all clinical research and trials. TCELS also supports the Medical Research Network (MedResNet) to manage the Thai Clinical Trial Registry (TCTR) system. www.clinicaltrials.in.th

Companies who wish to register clinical trials in TCTR system are obliged to disclose details of the 20 mandatory items of the WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (WHO-ICTRP) dataset. TCTR also aims to be a research database for clinical researches in Thailand. We welcome the registration of all kinds of clinical researches including clinical trials and observational studies. According to Clinical Trial Magnifier, April 2011, Thailand ranked seventh in Asia in terms of the number of trials conducted...

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Information Knowledge Center

  • Information and Knowledge Service

If you are looking for any life sciences related information in Thailand, you can reach out to TCELS, Thailand’s life sciences knowledge management hub. As part of its mission, TCELS serves as Thailand’s life sciences business information and knowledge center. All life sciences related information is readily available with us. Our members get free access to our extensive database of latest innovations, research and investment trends in life sciences businesses.

Our knowledge base has evolved from development projects and it offers a growing collection of technical articles, guidelines, lessons learned from experiences and code samples to help our clients in their specific queries...

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  • Resources

Find our research reports and articles. Click Here

Thailand Life Sciences Business Forum

If you are seeking to enhance the visibility of your life sciences business and create new partnerships, TCELS provides an ideal platform through Thailand Life Sciences Business Forum. As the national focal point for life sciences innovation and investment in Thailand, we initiated Thailand Life Sciences Business Forum in November 2012.

This forum meets every month to discuss latest developments, trends, new technologies and services in the field of life sciences. Relevant issues are discussed in an informal and relaxed atmosphere and business collaborations are formulated. Synergy is generated through information sharing and brainstorming of ideas. It provides fresh thinking and new direction.

The forum discusses issues like medical devices business, stem cell therapy, marine biodiversity and medicine, Thailand-Korea collaboration on life sciences development, future of industrial medical robotics and government measures for the promotion of life sciences industry in the context...

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