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19th Thailand Life Sciences Business Forum

Thailand-Malaysia Human Resources Development Opportunities

The 19th Thailand Life Sciences Business Forum was held on 16th September, 2014, at Century Park Hotel on the topic ‘Thailand-Malaysia Human Resources Development Opportunities’. In an interesting exchange of ideas, around 25 participants from Thailand and Malaysia talked about the human resource development situation in their respective countries and discussed the possibilities of having a network of collaboration.

Mr. Parinand Varnasavang, Senior Policy Researcher of National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office (STI), talked about ‘Thailand-Malaysia Human Resources Development Opportunities through ASEAN Talent Mobility’. Ms. Arni Aris, Vice President, Industry Talent Development and Educational Services, Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation, made a presentation on ‘Thailand-Malaysia Human Resources Development Opportunities’ and offered a few proposals on which Thailand and Malaysia could embark together for the development of human capital in life sciences. The forum provided a good platform for exchange of ideas and collaboration possibilities. 


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18th Thailand Life Sciences Business Forum

Dietary Supplements Derived from Drug Development Technologies: A Case Study from Korea


At the 18th Thailand Life Sciences Business Forum, Dr. Jaeseung Lim from PNC MetaPharm Co. Ltd. gave a special talk on dietary supplements derived from drug development technologies. He presented the aspects related to research and development process and regulatory and market opportunities.​

Dr. Jaeseung introduced PNCMP (Preventive Nutrient Company for Metabolic Pharmacology), a company that provides new solutions for metabolic diseases. It is engaged in the new drug development for diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease and Osteoporosis and dietary supplements for diabetes, prostatic hyperplasia and obesity.

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12th Thailand Life Sciences Business Forum

“Plant made Vaccine: from R&D to Business Opportunities”

Dr.Kenji Sekikawa, President of the Preventec, Inc. presented at the 12th Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences Business Forum, on the topic of “Plant Made Vaccines: from R&D to Business Opportunities” on December 20, 2013. 

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