Market Statistic Analysis

The revenue of global healthcare industry in 2017 is approximately 1.77 billion USD. With a stable growth rate of 4.82%, its revenue in 2018 will expected to reach approximately 1.85 billion USD. The areas of healthcare industry include Pharma and Biotech, Medical Technologies, Medical Imaging Equipment, In-Vitro Diagnostics, and Healthcare IT.
Over the past decade, the biopharmaceutical industry has achieved an annual growth rate of around 10.8% as one of the largest healthcare markets compared with 2% for other pharmaceutical industries. Biopharmaceuticals or biological medical products can be categorized by biology source as monoclonal antibody group, vaccine group and blood and plasma groups.
The natural herbal cosmetics market in Europe is growing rapidly with a market value of 94.13 billion US dollars in 2015. Germany has the largest market share at 15.89 billion US dollars, followed by the French at 13.94 billion US dollars with Italy third at 12.10 billion.
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