Medicopolis & Health Informatics

          The program has been developed under the policy of the Ministry of Science and Technology (Medicopolis & Health Informatics: MEDICOPOLIS). To integrate the cooperation between the various agencies involved. The development of medical technology has led to the development of products and services to the market, which is accepted both domestically and internationally as well as to establish a network in the ASEAN region. The exchange and transfer of technology is attempted to strengthen the capabilities of sustainable business practitioners in biomedical sciences. It also increases the competitiveness of Thailand as a whole. And strengthen the country in the economic and social. The Medicopolis & Health Informatics (MEDICOPOLIS) program is designed to meet the needs of each area of business development in the biomedical sciences industry and the health of the people including the related industry since 2014 to achieve the link. This program also accelerate the transfer of technology to the targeted partners.

The importance of project.
This is due to the need for the country to create a world-class economic value with its biotechnology and its strengths in Thailand. whether it is innovation, health technology and medical services. The idea is to create a comprehensive health city or Medicine-city ; "Medicopolis" that brings together new technologies in health care. Service works with international standard operating procedures. Research Center for Research, Accommodation and Tourism services. To promote sustainable development of the country with network operations in the area.

Things must have
  • Our Services
    Prepare the target area and develop the service model in each area to be appropriated and beneficial to the target areas.
    • Feasibility Study And use it to the area.
    • Support for the project to expand the country's biomedical sciences into target areas.

Event news
  • Past performances
    Network and connection making with target area of technology transfer.
    Such as :
    • Provincial areas
      • Prachin Buri: Develop a model of urban health center development with a holistic treatment model. Inside the Thai building and technology transfer. For the elderly And patients with dementia.
      • Chiang Rai: Chiang Rai Province. It is a holistic medical center for the elderly.
      • Sakon Nakhon: Jointly develop and design a herbal extraction area to fight cancer and community service areas.
      • Phitsanulok: feasibility study "Health Service Innovation Project" Phitsanulok Province
    • Urban area
      • Medicoyothi district, Bangkok Area
        The area of innovation. : Medico Yothi Providing the innovative area of Yothi district in the heart of the capital to be a zone of innovative, comprehensive health and medical services as well as Health Services and lifestyle recreation. The project will support Startup companies especially in deep technology growth. We will also help to find private companies to invest in research and development that protects good quality of  health and life, especially Rare diseases problem that are difficult to treat via world class standard products and services and solution.

Vision of medicopolis
  • Lifescience/Bioscience Technology Integration And biomedical information
  • To increase the quality of life. And access to Thai technology is equally.
  • Development of appropriate health care space for target groups.
  • Encourage investment / joint venture with private sector to develop the MEDICOPOLIS project in a comprehensive manner with total solution.

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