1. Life Sciences R&D Management and Commercialization in Thailand and Oversea
   1.1 Co-R&D and facilitation of Research Development to commercialization
       1.1.1 Project Management/R&D Support
       1.1.2 R&D Project Conduction
       1.1.3 International Promotion of Entrepreneurship
   1.2 Promotion of Infrastructure Development to strengthen R&D for Commercialization
       1.2.1 Asset Utilization Management
       1.2.2 Intellectual Property Management

   1.3. Empowerment of Manpower in Life Sciences
       1.3.1 Training/Workshop/Seminar/Exhibition/Contest
       1.3.2 APEC Bio-Medical Technology Commercialization Training Center
2. Entrepreneurship Service and Consultation
   2.1 Business Consultation Service for Entrepreneurs
   2.2 Data and Knowledge Services
   2.3 Business Partnering
   2.4 Data Development and Life Sciences Database Service


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