TCELS to organize Bio Investment Asia 2019: Radical Transformation of Life Sciences in Asia Aiming to expand bio products and the bio-industry to the international market

Organized by the Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS) under the Ministry of Higher Education Science Research and Innovation (HESRI), Bio Investment Asia 2019 will take place from 25-27 September 2019 at EH 104, BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand as part of Thailand LAB International 2019 trade fair. The event, which has as its theme “Radical Transformation of Life Sciences in Asia” will showcase innovations and underline Thailand’s capacity to provide advanced biotechnology and life science services with the aim of promoting Thailand’s bioindustry to grow and expand to the international market. In addition, TCELS will provide a platform for knowledge sharing in biotechnology through exclusive conferences that bring together local and international academics to discuss Biopharmaceuticals, Precision Medicine, Digital Health, Technology Transfer and Health Research Funding Opportunities.

TCELS is also collaborating with international organizations for the Thailand Life Sciences Business forum to seek bio investment opportunities and support SMEs and startups in gaining access to funding through the Life Sciences Pitch & Partner session. A Facility Visit program will be arranged to demonstrate the readiness of facilities to investors. Last but not least, TCELS is working to move Thailand forwards to becoming the hub of the life sciences industry in the region.
Dr. Nares Damrongchai, CEO of TCELS, notes that the promotion of life sciences business development is a key mission of TCELS. In the past, TCELS has organized a range of activities including public relations for the life sciences network, business matching sessions, exhibitions, personnel exchange programs for researchers, students and speakers, academic conferences as well as knowledge sharing on the life sciences business.

TCELS’s Bio Investment Asia 2019 event on the theme “Radical Transformation of Life Sciences in Asia” is designed to stimulate Thailand’s life sciences industry and help it grow and expand to the international market. The event also aims to promote the application of research results and innovations into effective practice. This would create value added for the country’s life sciences industry, expand the partnership network and build public awareness.

Dr. Nares explained that the Bio Investment Asia 2019 : Radical Transformation of Life Sciences in Asia event will comprise an exhibition spread over 1,400 sqm of floor space that brings together stakeholders in the value chain of the life sciences industry including pharmaceutical, supplementary food, cosmeceutical, robot, medical devices and related industries. Conference sessions will be held on various topics and allow participants to exchange knowledge on research and development and production. Key topics include Life Sciences Global and Regional Trends by Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) which is powerful in the global life sciences sphere; Technology & Market Trends by Precision Medicine; Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which are playing an ever-greater role in medical care; and support for nutrigenomics (Nutritional genomics), an emerging science that studies the relationship between the human genome, nutrition and health. Thailand’s role as a production base of substance for pharmaceutical and medical supplies will also be addressed.
In addition, TCELS is partnering with organizations in Spain, Italy, South Korea and Taiwan in holding the Thailand Life Sciences Business Forum to create opportunities for business negotiations and promote investment in life science products and services.

The forum will also offer Thai researchers health research funding opportunities with access to international joint funding opportunities, among them joint funding between Southeast Asia and Europe, joint funding between Spain and Thailand, and the e-ASIA Joint Research Program. European researchers will join the forum to present their research and look for partnerships with Thai researchers.
Other topics include new types of life sciences investment, a case study of a successful partnership between the public and private sectors to develop innovations and the Medical Genomic service in Thailand, a joint venture between a university, Thai and Korean investors to develop biopharma business, and how large companies are diversifying their portfolios to include the life sciences industry. Startups, meanwhile, can access opportunities through Pitch & Partner session.

Participants will learn about the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand and other Asian countries such as South Korea and Taiwan for product registration and explore emerging innovations in medical treatment.

“TCELS is receiving cooperation and support from various organizations in organizing Bio Investment Asia 2019: Radical Transformation of Life Sciences in Asia, which is a great opportunity to demonstrate the potential and readiness of Thailand’s life sciences in the international arena. The event will also support development, create innovation, technology and knowledge of life sciences to gain economic advantages. TCELS expects that the event will welcome more than 10,000 delegates from 40 countries including researchers, executives from public and private organizations and local and foreign investors. TCELS aims to upgrade Bio Investment Asia into Southeast Asia’s leading platform for exchanges in academia, knowledge and investment in life sciences,” concluded Dr. Nares.
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