Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2018 – International Standard Laboratory Platforms for ‘Technology, Network and Investment’ in ASEAN

TCELS organizes Life Sciences & Bio Investment Asia 2018 at the Thailand Lab International 2018
THAILAND LAB INTERNATIONAL 2018, one of ASEAN’s most promising events in scientific and laboratorial equipment & technology, will be held from 12-14 September 2018, at EH102-103, BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand. THAILAND LAB INTERNATIONAL 2018 will display the latest laboratory equipment and instrument technologies and include lab service providers from around the globe. VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (VNUE AP) together with the support from the Ministry of Science and Technology and leading associations, will promote research quality, laboratory technology, and life sciences & biotechnology for the industrial and government sectors. More than 10,000 trade visitors are expected.
Based on many supporting factors, such as improvements in quality control, growth in the life sciences and bio sectors in Asia, and the Thai government’s policy to achieve 1% GDP from R&D expenditure and innovation, Thailand is now becoming one of ASEAN’s most competitive hubs for research and laboratory technology investment, which stimulates demand for Science & Technology (S&T) in the Asian market. 
Mr. Anucha Parnpichate, Head of Science & Technology Unit & Project Manager of Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL said, “Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2018 will be organized at a high-quality, global standard with a number of leading exhibitors, potential buyers and trade visitors from all over the world. The 8th   Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL has initiated many special activities, including the “Interactive LAB”, “LAB Highlight” zone, the first launching of “MEDLAB Asia”, and the continuation of our “Hosted Buyer Program”. We aim Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL to be one of the world quality laboratory technology platforms located in the ASEAN community, consisting of more than 250 exhibitors, 1,200 brands from 20 countries, and more than 10,000 trade visitors from 40 countries. The trade show will be held at EH 102-103, BITEC, Bangkok, from 12-14 September 2018.”
Importantly, Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2018 includes more exhibition space for Life sciences and biotechnology as part of Bio Investment Asia 2018, particularly for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, drugs, vaccines, Cell & Gene, DNA, and applied biological techniques for food, pharmaceuticals, energy and the environment.  Bio Investment Asia will be held concurrently with conferences and symposia covering the areas of medical technology, biotechnology, genetics, and virology & biosafety.  It aims to draw more investors and businesses from Asian countries to expand life sciences and biotechnology markets in the future. 
At the official opening ceremony of Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2018, Mrs.Umaporn Sukmoung from Thai government, who is Director General, Department of Science Service, joined the Opening Ceremony event as the president to represent the Laboratory Industry. Mrs.Umaporn  said that “There are several methods for the government to provide support in light of its research and development promotion measures to be taken. Among them is the corporate income tax rate reduction by 300% of the investments spent upon research and development projects -- which has proven to be of great interest a way to many. Another means of similarly great interest lies in the scientific and technological equipment tax reduction, which helps (to) stimulate Thailand to become more active in carrying out research and development projects, and in producing more of new products, in light of her global competitiveness against other countries, as well as producing the products that meet with international standards. All of the aforementioned thus naturally lead to the need for utilization of scientific equipment and devices, especially the ones equipped with latest technologies in order for the product testing be carried out while also fulfilling the true objectives within the laboratory room. In addition, laboratory room-based personnel development must also be carried out together therewith in order that Thailand will be able to eventually become the center of scientific laboratory rooms/services within ASEAN region.”
The vision statement of Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences is to serve as a key organization working to develop businesses and industrial projects pertaining to bioscience into another major industry of Thailand, rendering the country an illustrious leader within the region. TCELS has remained in cooperation with Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL ever since 2014 in taking initiatives and propelling biotechnology-related businesses within the Kingdom of Thailand and Asia Pacific region under the project titled “Life Sciences & Bio Investment Asia” to be in accordance with the mission by which Thailand will become an international center of innovations and investments pertaining to bioscience.

Dr. Nares Damrongchai, CEO of TCELS, says “Due to good cooperation between TCELS and the organizer of Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL, “Life Sciences & Bio Investment Asia” particularly in this year has become remarkably prosperous, be it in terms of academic matter or cooperation obtained from industrial leaders in light of the “Bio Pitch & Partner” project, the purpose of which is for promoting bioscience innovations and providing the opportunity for the startups to meet buyers and investors in order to keep the wheels of product research and development projects in motion, as well as organizing “Bio-Pharma Consortium” in which discussions of important issues be made possible in association with biopharmaceutical industry.”

“In addition, TCELS is also in line with Thailand 4.0 policy initiated by the Thai government, which also focuses upon “Healthcare & Wellness”, by signifying one of the major organizations to propel and promote the development of Thailand into “MEDICOPOLIS”, the country’s modern-day healthcare service innovation development zone in which exceptional health services be provided to both Thai citizens and foreigners, and in which integration of medical research and development projects including medicines, pharmaceutical products and medical equipment all proving suitable to target groups of users/patients. In addition, MEDICOPOLIS will also serve as a major project in terms of promoting Thailand to become medical and health tourism center in ASEAN, thus another fine opportunity for the country to generate both employments and great income.” says Dr. Nares.

“On behalf of Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (Public Organization), one of the co-organizers of the 8th Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2018, I wish all of you but great benefits from this Event, be it the opportunity to gain additional knowledge or to become successful in business negotiations. TCELS will remain resolute in our mission in order to render Thailand the center of bioscience in the near future.” says Dr. Nares.

In addition, Thailand LAB INTERNAIOTNAL has improved its business matching program on its website, in an effort to bring the public and private sectors to meet and match laboratory suppliers directly. It is estimated to bring in an additional 5 billion THB in trade to the laboratory equipment market in Asia, which represents a 15% increase. Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL also implements the LAB CONNECT Model to bridge related Science & Technology agencies and associations to define the future direction of laboratory technology and innovation for various fields of science & technology and industries in Asia. 
Significantly, Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL, with a strong exhibition in laboratory equipment and technology, will introduce new members of the biotechnology sector.  Having partnered with local and international government agencies, associations to host conferences and symposia to improve research quality, analysis, testing, examinations, as well as laboratory technology and innovation, the conference partners include the Department of Science Service, the Ministry of Science & Technology, the Department of Medical Sciences, the Ministry of Public Health, the Department of Livestock Development, the National Institute of Metrology, the Association of Medical Technologists of Thailand, the Virology Association & the Biosafety Association (Thailand), the Genetics Society of Thailand etc. Additionally, Thailand LAB has joined hands with the Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS), the Thai Society for Biotechnology and the Asian Federation of Biotechnology (AFOB) as the main support of Bio Investment Asia and welcomes scientists, researchers and biotechnology investors from more than 20 countries to share their knowledge, research and business perspectives during the exhibition.
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