Ministry of Science and Technology and its technology and innovation partners to organise THAILAND 4.0 IN THE MAKING @Siam Square One


The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) is organizing the event of THAILAND 4.0 IN THE MAKING: Science, Technology and Innovation for Thailand 4.0. The event comprises of the exhibitions on scientific knowledge, technologies and innovations that drive and promote the country competitiveness both economic and social to be ready for the 21st century. The event is set to take place during 21-25 November, 2018 at Park@Siam and during 23-25 November, 2018, at Siam Square, Bangkok, Thailand.


Associate Professor Dr. Soranit Siltham, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology  said the Ministry is set policy and direction  in accordance with the Thailand 4.0 policy   e.g. Science for Human Resources Development, Science to End Poverty, Science for Strength, and Science for Regions.  .  This is expected to lead to practical innovations that meet consumers’ demand, and promote Thai SMEs and Startup as well as the collaboration among the education institutions, private sectors and government sectors.


Therefore, MOST with partner organizations has launched the event of “Science, Technology and Innovation for Thailand 4.0” aiming to motivate Thailand’s economy to be innovation-based by applying ST&I to career building, inequality reduction, income distribution to local communities, and prepare the population for the rapid changes in the coming decade.


Dr. Apichai Somboonpakorn, Advisor to The Minister of Science and Technology invite everyone to join the THAILAND 4.0 IN THE MAKING exhibition that promoting the application of science and innovations to drive the national economy. The exhibition will organize during 21-25 November, 2018 at Park@Siam and 23-25 November 2018 at Siam Square. In the THAILAND 4.0 IN THE MAKING event, there will be major achievements of the Ministry of Science and Technology in the past five years. Thirteen major achievements will be clustered into 1) “Startup Nation” – producing new economic warriors to drive national economy, 2) “Makers Nation” – inspiring young generation to focus in scientific and technological inventions, 3) “Careers for the Future” – inspiring scientific learning and career building; 4) “Science for Society” – integrating scientific and technological activities with humanities and social science, 5) “Science for Community” – applying science to reduce inequality, create jobs, increase communities’ income and decrease their expenses, 6) “Big Data & Intelligence System” – developing national databases of water, climates and geoinformatics, 7) “Big Science Infrastructure” – building infrastructure for future research and development, 8) “10 S-Curve Technology” – developing technology and basic industrial test systems to support the development of 10 target industries, 9) “BCG Economy” – promoting bioeconomy and the manufacturing of high-value bioproducts based on research and development, 10) “Smart Farmer” – introducing the Internet of things (IoT) to farmers to improve quality of their life, 11) “Regional Science Park Innovation Hub” – building infrastructure in regional area to develop scientific knowledge, technologies and innovations, 12) “Food Innopolis” – creating networks and linking business of SMEs and startups, and 13) “Eastern Economic Corridor of innovation (EECi)” – building an ecosystem of innovation in the Eastern Economic Corridor.


Moreover, the event consists of four zones of education: 1) Science for Human Resources Development – preparing Thai people for the 21st century; 2) Science to Reduce Poverty – creating jobs and reducing inequality with science; 3) Science for Strength – enhancing national competitiveness in accordance with the Thailand 4.0 policy; and 4: Science for Regions – building awareness in applying ST&I for problem solving. There will also be zones of a main stage, participatory workshops, a trade fair, a zone of meetings and seminars as well as meeting experts from the government organizations, private companies, educational and financial institutions, and international organizations. Besides, there will be an awarding of the Prime Minister’s Science Award 2018 to entrepreneurs with outstanding technological developments.

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