Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences or TCELS opens the forum “THAILAND LIFE SCIENCES STARTUP 2018” to incubate rising star Startups fulfilling requirements of medical and healthcare industry in developing innovations to showcase capabilities of Thai developers in the international arena in the future, in alignment with the policy Thailand 4.0 and promotion for Thailand to become the Asian Medical Hub, discovering Startups to win Awards and receive consultancy from world-class Startup incubators.

          Dr. Nares Damrongchai, CEO of TCELS, says “Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS), Ministry of Science and Technology, plays a key role in developing, supporting and encouraging entrepreneurs as well as building bioscience Startups in line with the Government policy Thailand 4.0 driving and supporting capability of Thai Startups to global market.  TCELS has initiated the project to support and encourage Startups under the brand “Thailand Life Sciences Startup” since 2017 starting with the project “Mini Life Sciences Mentorship Program” participated by a great number of Startups.  The platform has been expanded to “TCELS Life Sciences and MedTech Acceleration Program” in cooperation with business and financial sector to incubate, develop system and invest in the Startup Companies from the project in order to overcome Early and Middle State to market expansion.”  

          Following continual success for 3 consecutive years, TCELS joins hands with MassChallenge, a US Expert in developing Startup and providing business strategy consult for Startup companies with innovation to enter world market, organizes the project Mentor and Startup Bootcamp to build network of bioscience Mentors in Thailand and incubate rising star Startups in developing medical and healthcare innovation to serve industry and business in line with the policy Thailand 4.0 as well as driving Thailand to become Medical and Healthcare Hub.  The project was started in last April with application process, selection of 42 Startup teams and finally 20 last teams to join the training and business capacity development before Pitching for the 10 highest score teams to win Seed Funding of 200,000 Baht for each team.  The next 7 high score team wins the seats for in-depth training for international market expansion from MassChallenge  

          “Thailand Life Sciences Startup by TCELS will be another platform to incubate Startups.  TCELS also has a mission to support and encourage entrepreneurs and individuals owning ideas, development plan and performance to extend development and materialize in business segment in alignment with the policy Thailand 4.0, driving Thailand to become the Medical Hub, upgrading Thai developers to world market in the future.  We believe in capability of Thai people to develop practical products in the future.” says Dr. Nares.

          Brittany McDonough Director of Global Partnerships MassChallenge, the Expert in developing Startup Entrepreneurs and business strategy consultancy for companies with innovation to enter international market, said “The Company is a non-profit organization specializing in developing Startup entrepreneurs and having cooperation network with companies around the world.  We execute cooperative project to develop Mentor and medical and healthcare technology Startup entrepreneurs owning technology base, readiness and high potential to rapidly enter bioscience and medical technology business.  A crucial part of the project process is to find out bioscience Startup entrepreneur teams with potential to participate in the project and support non-commitment Seed Fund.  Therefore, to achieve the top project goal is to grow Startup.  The selection by contest will stimulate entrepreneurs to be alert and create awareness in a wide range.”

          “As an expert in Startup entrepreneur incubation, the Company is pleased to contribute to supporting the contest and congratulate every team on winning the contest through Life Sciences Startup Contest 2018.  This will be a key power to drive the industry to grow with innovation development.  A special thank to Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (Public Organization) or TCELS for convincing our capability and inviting MassChallenge to be part of supporting and encouraging Startup entrepreneurs possessing technology base and high potential to enter bioscience and medical technology business on a fast pace.”  Brittany McDonough concluded. 
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