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18010060382551-11-25131535PendingPendingFasciolosis diagnostic kit for liver fluke infection.For the detection of parasitic liver fluke and parasitic liver fluke of ruminants. Can be diagnosed within 4 hours.Mahidol University, Thailand Research FundAssoc. Prof. Dr. Panat Anurakpreeda, Prof. Prasert Sopon, Associate Professor Chaithip Vanichanon, Mrs. Runglawan Chawengkiatkul, Miss Kulathida Chaitheerayanon
28010049512551-09-25103207633692/7/2018Test kit for the diagnosis of Fasciolosis in animals by immunohistochemistry.For easy-to-use fasciolosis diagnosis. Fast and efficient.Chulabhorn Foundation, Mahidol UniversityAssoc. Prof. Dr. Panat Anurakpreeda, Mr. Akkarin Indaramata, Mrs. Srisurat Imkeaw, Mr. Kawee Ratanabannangkul, Prof. Prasert Sopon
313010007582556-02-15144982PendingPendingTest kit for diagnosis of fluke in the liver by direct-sandwich ELISAFor the diagnosis of liver fluke sensitive animals and specificity in the diagnosis of fasciolosis from the infection of liver fluke in 1-2 days.Mahidol University, Research Fund, Office of the Higher Education CommissionAssoc. Prof. Dr. Panat Anurakpreeda, Prof. Prasert Sopon, Mrs. Runglawan Chawengkiatkul
416030007972559-05-12118551185519/8/2016Portable Amylose AnalyzerFor accurate amylose calculations. It can measure the absorption of light waves and complete amylose calculations. Ready to display on the display.Kasetsart UniversityMr. Thanee Srivongchai
516020014872559-04-251726956451930/8/2018Chemical analyzerIt reduces the amount of chemicals used in the analysis that can be controlled precisely and quickly and minimize the amount of waste into the environment.Kasetsart UniversityMr. Thanee Srivongchai, Mrs. Prapas Sripichit, Ms. Chanjara Roetsathien, Mr. Pim Kringthong, Mr. Veerachai Matthayatthavorn
617030001142560-01-24132961329624/11/2017Wound dressing: The bioactive layer is composed of natural polymers and extracts of Ageratina adenophora.A wound dressing material that inhibits the bacteria that is in the form of essential oils with an appropriate concentration of inhibition of the bacteria.Office of Agricultural Research Development (Public Organization), Chulabhorn FoundationProfessor Dr.Chulaporn Walailak, Associate Professor Dr.Supattana Techasakul, Dr.Piyachat Chauysrinun, Mr. Nitrat Chimnoi, Dr.Kriengsak Lertprapamongkul, Dr.Artid Makronsean, Dr.Nisachol Khunwutmanotum, Dr.Natsarawan Khunwongkarn, Miss Nitawan Khunwattanakarn, Miss Nitawan Reukngam, Miss Panita Kraijun, Miss Lalita Pattani
712010050922555-09-28131221PendingPendingTools for diagnosing and monitoring patients with Parkinson's disease.Can diagnose Parkinson's disease and diagnose other diseases with similar vibration. Include in tracking. Evaluation of patient outcomes As a result, patients are properly treated.National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)Prof. Dr. Rungroj Pittsiri
817020028452560-07-27178747PendingPendingMedical devices are degraded in the form of microneedles.To deliver medicines to the skin.National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)Suvimol Suramo, Satid Phuttipipatkajorn
912010050922555-09-28131221PendingPendingSystem and screening for Parkinson's disease patients.The system and method of screening patients for Parkinson's disease using a spiral-shaped trajectory to obtain frequency and time data were computed by determining the amplitude of the signal. This is very useful for screening patients. And increase the reach of patients in distant doctors.National Science and Technology Development AgencyMr. Decho Surangsrirat, Mr. Apichart Indrapanich, Mr. Chusak Thanawattano, Dr. Roongrote Piamsiri
108010005302551-02-0197049PendingPendingTools used in routing in surgery.The methodology included by the skull traverses the brain to the target position, piercing the cranial hole using a drill, detecting the path of the hole that is pierced through the guided drilling using visual guidance probe supplied by the drill, and the insertion of the drill bit into the drilled hole.Interactive Neuroscience Center, LLCMr. Ravi V. Pavaran
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