The Important Trends in Pharmaceutical Industry in 2020

          As the year 2019 drew to a close, Linchpin SEO as an American agency specializing in marketing and business analytics and website as a platform to publish marketing information for businesses and industries have published important trends in pharmaceutical industry in 2020. 

      Highlighted by Linchpin SEO, the industry’s important trends included: 
  1. The use of big data in the pharmaceutical industry;
  2. The use of artificial intelligence in big data analysis;
  3. The expansion of biosimilar pharmaceutical markets as the result of the expiration of many biosimilar pharmaceutical patents;
  4. The business merging and collaboration between pharmaceutical manufacturers;
  5. The advancement of air compression technology;
  6. The development of new pharmaceutical products from cannabis-extracted substances; 
  7. The digital integration between security and monitoring systems; 
  8. The continuous flow production and the technological integration into every step of pharmaceutical production process;
  9. The strong market demand of solid dose pharmaceutical manufacturing; 
  10. The increasing use of medical measuring devices with high precision;
  11. The increasing popularity of precision medicine; 

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