Investment Regulation and Incentives

From 2018 until the beginning of 2019, the United States Food and Drug Agency (FDA) announced eight recommended guidelines in cell and gene therapy. The guidelines helped the regulatory body keep up with changes in the industry and create a regulatory landscape in the field of cells and gene therapy in response to the rapid development of the industry and the common interests of the industry and patients.
Nowadays, cell therapy is continuously progressing to reach its potential. The therapy aims to improve the quality of life of healthy people, and the treatment of severe rare diseases. However, given the complexity and ongoing development of cell therapy, in 2019 the Canadian government revised the regulations on cell therapy to emphasize the safety of patients, the effectiveness of treatment, and importantly the promotion of industrial development.
Many consumers are familiar with the acronym GMP because it has been printed on labels of drugs, food supplements, and cosmetic products. This acronym, which comes from the term Good Manufacturing Practice, is a standard which ensures that food, food supplements, medicines and cosmetics are safe for consumption.
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