Industry and Investment Strategy

     Department of Industry and Investment Strategy under Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (Public Organization) or TCELS, focuses on promoting and developing Entrepreneurs in life sciences business to enter the market or leverage to the industrial level. We also stimulate and support the technology licensing and investment in Thai life sciences industry both from government and private sectors. The department missions are followings.

  1. Develop the mechanisms to promote business development and investment in life sciences industry 
  2. Develop business database and analyze life sciences trends
  3. Build up IP strategy and protection
  4. Develop IP management and commercialization

  Key Projects in 2018-2021

     Development of startups into life sciences industry
     To build up the country competitiveness and move forward to Thailand 4.0 according to twenty-year national strategy and twelfth national economic and social development plan, developments of high potential startups and good ecosystem are important. TCELS has been working on life sciences startup development since 2017.  
     From 2017, TCELS has promoted startups more than 30 companies. To get into the success, several factors are required including a number of qualified startups, time and large amount of capital investment. TCELS has joined hand with several partners such as National Innovation Agency (NIA), Science and Technology Park Chiang Mai University (STeP), Sasin Center of Sustainability Management, SCG Chemical Co. Ltd., Bualuang Ventures Co. Ltd. We aim to develop good ecosystem and promote 100 startups from 2017-2021.  


     Development of APEC Bio-medical Technology Commercialization Training Center
     APEC Bio-medical Technology Commercialization Training Center or APEC TCTC has been initiated by Association University Technology Manager (AUTM) at APEC meeting in 2014. At that time, TCELS and Korean Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) played as a co-host and organized several training for technology transfer managers from 2014-2016. Now, only TCELS remains as a key organization to develop this center.  
     The key objectives of APEC TCTC are to equip technology transfer officers (TLO) in Thailand and oversea to achieve the Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP), and build up the TLO network worldwide.




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